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wonk it, wonk it HARD!

Here, now. Getting on with it.
abandoned buildings, adventures, aerial silk, aerials, aikido, air, alan garner, aluminium, ambient electronica, aotearoa, architecture, aro valley, backrubs, balance, bare feet, bbc radio, being inappropriate, being insulted by morons, being made to think, being pale, big black, big drops, big things, bisexuality, biting-in-the-fun-way, biting-not-in-the-fun-way, books, bouldering, boys, cafes, cake, carving, cheap fun, cheese, chili, chocolate, climbing, climbing trees, cookies, cuba street, cuddles, cups of tea, dancing, drum & bass, eddie izzard, endorphins, energy, explosions, eyes, foxy librarian girls, geek boys, geek girls, geek things, girly summer ale, having everything just so, hiking to the crater, horses, hugging, iain banks, iain m. banks, inline skating, invader zim, jean rhys, jeanette winterson, jeff noon, jodo, johnen vasques, joolz, kanuka, kendo, kissing, kites, kiwiburn, knowing the question, metal, moral ambiguity, motivations, new zealand, not dabbing, p. z. brite, philosophy, photography, pizza, pleasure, politics, portishead, rain, reading, reliable transport, remebering to duck, rhythmic burning, ridiculously bright leds, rocket science, rollerblading, ruapehu, scars, science fiction, shomen-uchi with foam sticks, silks, singletrack, skating, sleeping, static trapeze, straight edge, swans, tactile things, the cold war, the good kinda pain, the karapoti, the streets, thinking, tidying, tissu, trance, trapeze, unicycles, unkle sounds, uv lights, vegetarian cookery, wellington, wicca