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Mitocondrion Mark 4.1 Build: Main PCB

I'm working away on the next version of the Mitocondrion. In an effort not to do everything myself, the next version uses assorted bits and bobs from others but everything comes together and gets wired up by the one main board. This holds the Arduino, the big DC-DC converter that powers the LED strips, the little DC-DC converter that powers everything else, the status indicators, the motion sensor board, the battery monitoring, the extra memory, and the audio analyser. It also joins together the two battery packs, the LED strips, the power, programming, and reset connectors, and the microphone. It's busy.

So, here's the board being made, from design, through masking, etching, building and testing the step-down power converter, and then once that was checked and working, populating the rest.

Great big pic under cutCollapse )

The status LEDs are the smallest things I've ever soldered, 1.6 mm long and 0.5 mm wide. It was a mission to get five of them in place, even getting them out of the packaging without losing them was a mission. Admittedly, there's supposed to be six of them. One is now on the floor somewhere. Can you spot the missing LED? Hell, can you spot the five LEDs in the picture?

So it's built, but mostly not tested yet. As I mentioned, it does a lot of different things.
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